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Alright fandom dry your tears I produced happy!cursed!killian if thats even possible.
People have been calling Emma and Hook the Pushing Daisies couple of the fandom which made me really happy cause I love that show and so fanart happened. For those who don’t know- Pushing Daisies is about a guy (played by LEE PACE) who is in love with a girl but he can’t touch her or she’ll die, which of course ends up with them being freaking adorable trying to make it work. (If you click on the link the drawing is based off of the third gif).
On an artistic note, I put Emma in a turquoise dress because she’s the only one out of the two who actually has a costume change and she also has to make up for Hook’s dull color palette.
Emma ain’t taking none of this green gremlin shnizzle.
For Killiansemma as thanks for her lovely vids. Click for HD viewing!

It was the perfect solution. It would act as a barrier, protecting her from the curse, and they could still find the solace that they so needed in one another. Holding up the plastic to his lips, she couldn’t help but giggle at the ridiculous feeling she got, picturing what they would look like to an outsider. Yet, she couldn’t find it in herself to care. He was here, and she wanted nothing more than to show him just how she felt, but she needed her magic for the final fight. 
"Love," he whispered looking down at his Swan and smiling. With one last smirk, Emma leaned on her tiptoes pressing a kiss against the plastic wrap, imagining what it would be like without a barrier. She could feel his arms wrap around her waist as he pulled her closer, desperate to feel every bit of her, other than her lips. What he wouldn’t give for the day this curse was over, where he could kiss her senselessly any moment he so desired. The Witch was going to regret cursing him and his Swan, he would make sure of it, but for now he would revel in the comfort of plastic kisses.